Relax & Recover


What should I expect my first visit?
On your first visit you will receive a detailed evaluation by a Licensed Physical Therapist. The evaluation will include paperwork, test and measures, plan of care development, and your first therapy treatment.

What will be my co-pay for services?
Each insurance company has different co-pay requirements. Your specific insurance company will be contacted before or during your first visit. All information will be provided to you and any questions will be discussed with you upon your first visit.

How much time should I expect the first visit to last?
The first visit will last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours

When should I arrive for my first Visit?
Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring a photo ID, your insurance card, physician script, insurance referral from your primary care physician if needed and list of medications to complete the necessary paperwork. This paperwork includes a medical history, pain or dysfunction questionnaire, insurance and HIPPA form.

What should I wear?
Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable, appropriate for exercise, and supportive shoes. If your injury involves your knee or hip region, wearing shorts is beneficial.

Will I be going into the pool on my first treatment?
If you will be receiving Aquatic Therapy, your first visit will be land based. You will receive your first pool treatment your 2nd visit.